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HB 1132 Extended Bar Hours

Longer Bar Hours in Denver Could Lead to an Increase in Drunk Driving Crashes For anyone who has been in Downtown Denver past 2:00 in the morning, you know how hectic it can be when the bars close and everyone begins streaming out onto the downtown sidewalks. With every bar-goer in the city moving...
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Is There a Hit and Run Epidemic in Denver

As another family is grieving the loss of their little boy after a tragic, senseless hit and run crash earlier this week, it seems timely that, the Medina Alert System, Colorado House Bill 1191 passed unanimously through the Colorado House Judiciary Committee and now moves on to the House and Senate. With two more...
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Brain Injuries―Not Just for Pro Athletes

Here in Colorado sports news, we’ve been hearing the words “brain injury”, “concussion” and “hard shot to the head” a lot lately when discussing the injuries of Denver Broncos wide receiver, Wes Welker.  But what does a concussion really mean? A concussion, whether received in an NFL football game or in a car accident,...
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