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Hit-and-Run Crashes and Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

As another hit-and-run crash in Denver sends another victim with serious injuries to the hospital early this morning, we can only speculate on the reasons the driver fled the scene. Had he/she been drinking? Is he/she uninsured? No driver’s license? Texting while driving? Driving too fast? All of the above? Sadly, the number of...
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USA Pro Challenge Finishes up on Sunday and Will Impact Traffic in the Denver Metro Area

After a grueling week of bicycling throughout Colorado’s beautiful, but challenging mountain roadways, the USA Pro Challenge wraps up in Denver this weekend. On Sunday, August 24th, Stage 7 of the USA Pro Challenge, featuring some of the elite professional cyclists from across the globe will cross the finish line at Civic Center Park...
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296 Drunk Drivers Spent Independence Day Locked Up

The Fourth of July weekend is one of Americans’ favorite celebrations, but if you chose to drink and drive while celebrating then you could have found yourself behind bars with 296 of your drunk driving friends. Despite warnings from law enforcement that The Heat is On, many drunk drivers enjoyed their Independence Day in...
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Driving While Intexticated: Texting vs. Drinking and Driving

Everyone has their own routine before they get behind the wheel – make sure the coffee isn’t still on the roof of the car, buckle up, look up directions in your phone’s navigation system, and crack open that third beer… WHOA! Okay, it’s fairly safe to assume that every driver knows how stupid it...
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