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Do Insurance Companies Pay for Rental Cars?

Posted on May 23, 2022 in
If you or somebody you care about sustains property damage in an accident caused by another driver, then you need a vehicle to get around from place to place. However, can you afford a rental? Will the insurance carrier pay for your rental? Here, we want to discuss who pays for rental cars after...
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Insurance Company Bad Faith —What It Is and 5 Ways It’s Committed

At some point during our lifetime, everyone will need to submit some kind of insurance claim—whether it’s for homeowner, auto or medical insurance. Accidents, illnesses and natural disasters are, unfortunately, a part of life. Having to go through those things is stressful, demoralizing, and sometimes heartbreaking. To make matters worse, there are some insurance...
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10 Things You Should Know BEFORE You Get in a Car Accident

It can happen in the blink of an eye. Do you know what to do when the worst happens and you are involved in a car accident?  It’s not something that most people think about―because most people don’t think it will ever happen to them. But the statistics say otherwise. In 2012, the National...
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The Bendinelli Law Firm Scores Another Trial Victory Against an Insurance Company

Recently Marco Bendinelli and the Bendinelli Law Firm, PC attained of trial verdict awarding our client a total of $227,000 (not including costs and interest fees). This case is the perfect example of why it is so important that you hire an experienced trial lawyer. While you may think your case is small and...
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