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I Was Injured While Jaywalking

Posted on June 6, 2022 in
Pedestrians should always strive to cross roadways at intersections or crosswalks. At these locations, other drivers are more attentive to pedestrians on or around the roadway. However, there are times when individuals choose to cross the road in areas where there are no crosswalks or where there is not an intersection. This is commonly...
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Pedestrian Right of Way Laws and How You Can Make a Claim

Posted on August 12, 2017 in
With about 300 days of sunshine a year, Colorado residents have some really nice days to be out walking and enjoying some of that sunshine. But, whether you’re walking for pleasure or to work, accidents happen. When a pedestrian it hit by a car or truck, the recovery can be painful, lengthy, and costly....
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It’s Not Too Late for Your New Year’s Resolutions!

Let's admit it—we all do it! We make New Year’s Resolutions that we don’t or can’t keep. In fact, only 8% of people who make New Year’s resolutions actually keep them. At the Bendinelli Law Firm, let us help you with some easy resolution ideas to help keep you safe on Colorado roadways in...
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Street Renewal Near Colorado College Aims to Protect Pedestrians

In June, supporters will present the Right Size plan to the City Parks Board, with the hope of improving safety for pedestrians near Colorado College. Right now, Cascade Street has four lanes of traffic, two in each direction. However, drivers and pedestrians alike have voiced concerns about safety, citing limited visibility. Students have said...
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Brrrr…It’s Cold Out There & The Zen of Colorado Winter Weather Driving

A favorite “Colorado-ism” is, “if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it’ll change.” And that couldn’t be more true than this winter. It can 50 or 60 degrees one day and blizzarding the next! Don’t let these ever changing weather conditions catch you mentally unprepared. We’re assuming that your car has...
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10 Things You Should Know BEFORE You Get in a Car Accident

It can happen in the blink of an eye. Do you know what to do when the worst happens and you are involved in a car accident?  It’s not something that most people think about―because most people don’t think it will ever happen to them. But the statistics say otherwise. In 2012, the National...
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Ghosts and Goblins and Zombies…Oh My!

BOO!!! This is a scary week in Denver, Colorado! Halloween is coming up this Friday and our neighborhood streets will be overrun with zombies, storybook princesses, zombies and action heroes. Take a look at this infographic from for some great Scary Statistics and Quick Tips for a Safe Halloween for both trick-or-treaters and...
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USA Pro Challenge Finishes up on Sunday and Will Impact Traffic in the Denver Metro Area

After a grueling week of bicycling throughout Colorado’s beautiful, but challenging mountain roadways, the USA Pro Challenge wraps up in Denver this weekend. On Sunday, August 24th, Stage 7 of the USA Pro Challenge, featuring some of the elite professional cyclists from across the globe will cross the finish line at Civic Center Park...
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Night Driving and Pedestrian Safety

Thanks to Daylight Savings we are able to enjoy more of the sun earlier on in the day. Also thanks to Daylight Savings, our drive home after work during the winter months tends to be in the dark. Accident-related death rates are 3 times greater at night, and as such, it is important to...
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Stay Safe on Halloween

This Thursday, the neighborhood streets in Denver will be filled with ghouls and goblins as kids get dressed up and head door to door, trick-or-treating for Halloween In this article from Fox News, the Lakewood Police department explains that kids and drivers alike tend to be more distracted on Halloween. Drivers tend to drive...
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