Kylan J. King Esq.

Associate Attorney

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal – Albert Paine

Kylan began the practice of law with the idea that justice should be available to everyone, and to advocate for those most in need of navigating what can be a challenging process. To that end, Kylan has practiced in areas including juvenile law, disability law, and personal injury law. Kylan understands that people who suffer injuries are suddenly facing numerous challenges that they often have little experience in, navigating insurance companies and the legal system. People should be focused on their physical and psychological recovery, while their attorney zealously represents them and protects their interests.

Kylan obtained his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Denver. As both of his parents are attorneys he had grown up with an interest in law and in representing people who had been injured and were fighting for legitimate claims against insurance companies and governmental agencies. He attended the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, where he obtained a Masters of Natural Resources Law before going on to obtain his Juris Doctorate degree.

After passing the Colorado Bar, Kylan focused his practice on personal injury law and disability law, including claims for Social Security disability benefits and long-term policy benefits. Along the way, it became apparent that aggressive and thorough representation was needed when helping individuals fight for their rights against large and power entities. Kylan is devoted to understanding all elements of a client’s case, from the legal and medical intricacies to the effect it is having on the client themselves. Clients deserve no less than a representative who will go to the mat for them and be honest with them about the process and law that governs the case.

In his free time, Kylan enjoys traveling, hiking, and exploring Colorado with his wife and daughter. He would eventually like to hike the Pacific Coast Trail.

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