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Rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber have become popular throughout Colorado, including Denver. Individuals find that rideshare services are more convenient than using public transportation. However, many people do not understand the complications that arise when a rideshare vehicle is involved in a car accident.

If you were involved in a Lyft or Uber accident, contact the Denver car accident attorneys at Bendinelli Law Firm for a free consultation. Our Denver rideshare accident attorneys are here to help you through the process, from start to end.

Denver Uber & Lyft accident lawyer

Who Is Liable for a Rideshare Accident in Denver?

A rideshare driver is an independent contractor. They use their personal vehicle to provide rides for payment. The fact that the driver is an independent contractor complicates accident claims when the rideshare driver is responsible for causing the accident.

When rideshare services first appeared, the rideshare companies refused to pay accident claims involving their drivers. They claimed that they were not responsible for rideshare drivers’ actions because the company did not employ the drivers.

The rideshare driver’s insurance company also denied the accident claims. The insurance companies alleged that they were not liable for the claims because the insurance contracts excluded accidents in which the driver was providing a ride for payment.

Accident victims were left with no recourse if the rideshare driver caused the crash. However, under extreme pressure from lawmakers and other organizations, Uber and Lyft now provide limited liability insurance for their drivers.

Therefore, if the rideshare driver caused the crash, you should be able to file a claim with the rideshare company. However, that is not a guarantee that your claim will be paid.

Other Parties Liable for Denver Rideshare Accidents

Another driver or party could be responsible for causing the rideshare accident. If so, your injury claim for damages is against that party. In some cases, both drivers could share liability for the accident, or a driver and a third party could share liability. In those cases, you may have multiple personal injury claims against several parties.

Sorting out liability for a rideshare accident can be difficult. The Denver rideshare accident lawyers of the Bendinelli Law Firm have experience handling these types of claims. We investigate the accident to determine how the crash occurred and identify the parties liable for your damages.

We then file claims with each insurance company that provides coverage for the accident. While you are recovering from your injuries, we work to gather evidence documenting your damages. Our goal is to recover the maximum amount available for your case, including compensation for your medical bills, injuries, lost income, pain & suffering, and other damages.

What Should You Do After a Denver Rideshare Accident?

Insist upon notifying the police. If the drivers want to exchange information and leave the accident scene, call 911 for help. It is best for you if there is an official accident report when you file your personal injury claims.

Seek medical treatment for your injuries as soon as possible. Documenting your injuries with medical records is crucial to your case. Insurance companies use delays in medical care to undervalue and deny injury claims.

Notify the rideshare company about the accident. The apps should have a simple way to notify the company that the vehicle was involved in a traffic accident. Keep screenshots of all responses.

Contact the Bendinelli Law Firm to schedule a free consultation with one of our Denver rideshare accident lawyers. Keep in mind that you are going up against huge corporations and insurance companies that are more interested in protecting their profits than compensating you for your damages. However, with our legal team on your side, you will have the support you need to fight back and protect your interests.

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