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Colorado Auto Accident Fatalities

Our personal injury law firm sees its share of auto accident cases every year. Sadly, auto accidents can be fatal. Fatal auto accidents in Colorado are now on the rise for children ages 5 and up (including young adults). In 2012, it was calculated that four people died of car accident injuries every hour, every day, all day long throughout America.  The fact is that the chance of you being in a fatal auto accident varies by state. Colorado is experiencing a surge, according to the data trends reported as of December 2014. This information can be found online on the Colorado Department of Transportation Traffic and Safety Crash Data webpage.

This organization offers detailed and comprehensive Crash Data and Statistics and city crash fact sheets covering the entire state. In summary, there were 447 reported crashes in 2011 and as of the latest report, 2015 was well on track to exceed more than 500.  Of these, over the last four years, on average, 30% or more involved drivers under age 65 years with an average of more than 25% involving pedestrians, motorcycles, and bicyclists.

From the data, there are trends showing that the time of year is a factor, with the majority of crashes occurring during the Spring (March-April) and Fall (August-September) months. Fewer happen during the winter, with a declining trend starting in December that historically lasts through February.

Injury Attorneys and Auto Accidents

The peak year, to date, was 2002, with an obvious trend toward increases since 2011.  The Bendinelli injury law firm of Denver advises you not to go it alone if your loved one is tragically killed in a car or truck accident. While we can’t be certain about why the trend is taking the direction it is, we can be confident of the best next steps in the case where you and/or your loved ones find themselves in the unfortunate situation of dealing with a horrible life-changing car accident (alcohol-related or not) that resulted in someone being killed or severely injured.

auto accident fatality colorado, sad husband and wifeFamily members should be able to grieve without having to deal with the unpleasant task of negotiating and processing red tape that insurance companies throw at you. Also, survivors should not have to solely bear the financial burden that these auto accidents create. As a plaintiff, your best bet is a proven attorney who can mitigate the odds, which will be stacked against you.

If you are a victim/plaintiff in a motorcycle or auto accident case, nothing can be resolved without first demonstrating proof of negligence.  Negligence can be shown with the support of police reports, photographs of the crash scene, eyewitness testimony, and other types of direct evidence. Along with evidence, your injury attorney must be able to demonstrate that the harm done was a result of the accident, the accident was caused by recklessness, and the victim deserves to be compensated for the harm done by the party accused of the fault.

It is best to have your case reviewed by a qualified Denver car accident lawyer who knows all of the ins and outs of auto fatality cases.

A consultation to evaluate your case is complimentary.  Contact the Bendinelli Law Firm of Denver Colorado should you ever find yourself in this difficult situation.