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Features to Look for in a Motorcycle to Increase Its Safety

Posted on September 20, 2021 in

Motorcycles can be incredibly fun vehicles to operate. However, they can also present significant dangers to riders and passengers. Regardless of whether or not you are a novice motorcyclist or an experienced rider, you need to know what features can increase the safety of operating a motorcycle. Here, we want to discuss what features you can look for in a motorcycle to increase safety on the roadways of Colorado.

Features to Look for in a Motorcycle to Increase Its Safety

Choosing a Safe Motorcycle

During the latest reporting year in Colorado, the state Department of Transportation showed that there were 137 motorcyclist fatalities. That was more than any year on record and a 33% increase above the previous year. It is imperative for motorcyclists in Colorado to choose a safe motorcycle. Here, we want to list the most important safety features in modern motorcycles that you need to be aware of and make sure are present on the bike that you purchase.

  • Correct size motorcycle. It is important for motorcyclists to have a comfortable ride, which begins with having a properly fitted motorcycle for the individual rider’s height and size. It is important to be able to reach all of the controls easily with both hands and feet. Individuals should also have the ability to touch the ground when standing up while they are stopped.
  • Antilock braking system. Antilock braking systems are available on our motorcycles above 125cc. This system can prevent the rear tires from locking when you have to apply the brakes quickly, and it also helps prevent skidding on the roadway.
  • Traction control. When a motorcyclist accelerates on wet, smooth, icy, or muddy surfaces, the bike can feel unstable. That is because the tires have reduced traction on the roadway. Many motorcycles now come with traction control to help solve motorcycle instability in poor roadway conditions.
  • Rear lift-off protection. A rear lift-off protection will prevent the rear tire from lifting off the ground in the event there is a breaking emergency. This feature is often fitted on motorcycles with between 150 and 200cc, which essentially gives them single antilock braking systems with lift-off protection in the rear.
  • Stability control. Stability control uses electronic methods to analyze riding styles, acceleration, and the lean angles of the motorcycle. The system will automatically deploy traction control, which ensures maximum stability and braking when going around corners.
  • Correct engine size. It is imperative to choose a motorcycle with an engine size that matches the skill of the rider. Additionally, engine size should be selected accordingly depending on where a person will be riding. It is recommended that new riders start with a smaller motorcycle engine to allow them to increase their skills. Those planning to commute in a larger city likely will not be going very fast may not need a bigger engine either.

Regardless of the safety features that your motorcycle has, you should always wear a helmet when operating these vehicles. In the state of Colorado, motorcycle riders aged 18 and over are not required to wear helmets. However, they are incredibly effective at preventing severe head and brain injuries in the event a motorcycle accident does occur.