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Lane splitting isn’t legal in Colorado

Denver (Dara Zeier) — Summer will soon fade into fall and temperatures will slowly start cooling down. But for now, prime motorcycle season is underway. While you might see a motorcyclist lane splitting in traffic, it is actually illegal in Colorado.

What is lane splitting?

The Colorado State Patrol said it is a traffic maneuver in which a motorcyclist drives between two rows of vehicles traveling in the same direction.

According to the Colorado General Assembly, under current law, if you are riding a motorcycle, you can’t overtake or pass a motor vehicle by driving in the same lane as the motor vehicle or between rows of motor vehicle.

“When accidents occur from lane splitting, the motorcyclist will be on the losing side,” Sgt. Troy Kessler with CSP said. “Whether a rider strikes a car side mirror, runs into a car, or travels too fast when a motorist attempts to change a lane, riding predictably helps everyone’s safety on the road.”