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New Colorado Law Strengthens Penalties for Hit and Run Crashes

According to a recent article by Fox 31 news, Denver Police crime statistics reveal that hit-and-run accidents involving pedestrians are up 48 percent for the first eight months of this year, compared to the same time period in 2011.

Previously, leaving the scene of an accident causing serious injuries resulted in a class 5 felony. A car crash that involves a drunk driver that causes serious injury is a much harsher penalty resulting in a class 4 felony charge.

This “loophole” was unintentionally encouraging a hit-and-run driver to flee the scene of the accident to avoid the consequences, especially if the driver was drunk. A review of sentences by the Denver Post found that drunk drivers received sentences 25 percent longer than those convicted of hit-and-run offenses.

In June of this year, Colorado Legislation fixed a loophole in the existing hit-and-run law when Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper signed Colorado House Bill 1084.

Colorado Legislation resolved this issue by creating a new law, House Bill 1084 that increases the penalty for a hit-and-run accident with serious injuries from a class five to a class four felony—the same as a DUI-vehicular assault. Judges are now able to issue a longer prison sentence to those who choose to leave the scene of an accident.

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