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What are your St. Patrick’s Day Plans? Don’t be a DUI statistic this weekend!

Celebrating St. Patricks’ Day in Denver, Colorado is a big deal! Do they include shamrocks, leprechauns and green beer? If your weekend plans include green beer and any other alcoholic beverages, you need to be aware that law enforcement will be out in full force this weekend to keep an eye out for those celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and drinking and driving or driving while drugged.

DUI Sobriety Checkpoint

Just this past week there have been 2 suspected drunk driving crashes in the Denver metro area that killed 3 people.

During the 2014 St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Colorado law enforcement caught over 470 people celebrating St. Patrick’s day for drunk driving related offenses.

It’s not really that hard to plan ahead. If you have St. Patrick Day party plans you can take public transportation, hire a taxi or Uber, have a designated driver or stay at in a hotel or friend’s house.

Be safe! Don’t be a DUI statistic this weekend!