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What Should I do Immediately Following a Slip and Fall Accident?

Posted on September 28, 2022 in

Anytime a slip and fall accident occurs, there are various steps that individuals need to take immediately following the incident. This includes slip and fall incidents that occur on private property, at someone else’s home, on commercial property, or on government property. The steps that a person takes after a slip and fall occurs will help ensure not only their well-being but also that they recover the compensation they are entitled to if the incident was caused by the negligence of someone else.

1. Don’t Get Up – Check For Injuries

Right after a slip and fall incident, it is imperative for a person not to try to get up right away. These incidents often occur when other people are around, and individuals could be tempted to get up and just move on away from the scene. However, the worst thing that any person can do if they sustain a severe injury is move around. Individuals need to stay where they are and assess themselves for any injuries.

2. Ask for Help From Bystanders

If you have sustained a slip and fall injury and other people are around, you can ask them for help. This will be particularly necessary if you have sustained a significant injury, such as a broken bone, broken hip, spinal cord trauma, or head injury. Ask the bystander to call 911 if your injuries are severe and to get help from property employees or owners.

3. Go to the Hospital

If you have sustained an injury, you need to go to the hospital to be checked. Even if the injury does not seem severe, a doctor needs to conduct an evaluation to determine whether or not there are any unseen injuries you may have sustained. Sometimes, the signs and symptoms of slip and fall injuries do not appear until hours after the fall occurs.

4. Gather Evidence if Possible

If you or somebody around you is able to do so at the scene of the incident, we encourage using cell phones or some other type of camera to record everything at the scene. This includes the injuries, the causes of the slip and fall, the surrounding areas, any warning signs placed up, and more. Additionally, get the names and contact information of any eyewitnesses who may have seen the slip and fall incident. Finally, do not throw away or wash any clothing you were wearing at the time the slip and fall occurred, as this clothing could contain evidence of the cause of the slip and fall.

5. Alert the Store

A property employee, manager, or owner needs to be notified that the slip and fall occurred. Most places have a slip and fall procedure in place, particularly if the incident occurs on government property or commercial property. It is very likely that the property owner will alert their insurance carrier about the incident if a claim is going to be filed.

6. Call an Attorney

A slip and fall lawyer in Colorado should be contacted so they can begin working on the claim. This will include investigating the incident further, obtaining additional evidence to prove liability, and handling all communication with the property owner and their insurance carrier.

7. Continue Medical Care

Finally, all slip and fall accident victims need to continue all medical care recommended by their doctor. If a person discontinues medical treatment against the advice of their doctor, this could jeopardize their overall settlement.

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