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Why Are Semi-Truck Accidents are So Dangerous?

Let’s face it…when you’re in a car accident with a semi-truck…the odds are not in your favor. The average car weighs about four thousand pounds and an average 18-wheeler or semi-truck weighs in at almost 80,000 pounds, or about 4 tons!

Some simple laws of physics can help put driving a tractor trailer in perspective for those of us who have never driven or ridden in a semi-truck.

• The average 18-wheeler is 70 to 80 feet long and thirteen and half feet high.
• The engine in a semi-truck is about six times bigger than a car engine.
• A driver of an 18-wheeler needs 55 feet to make a U-turn.
• At 55 miles per hour, it takes a semi-trucker at least 100 yards to stop his big rig. That’s length of a football field!
Car accidents involving semi-trucks can be very complicated. Due to the massive size of these big rigs, your injuries are likely to be very severe. Watch this video as Marco Bendinelli explains the importance of hiring the right personal injury attorney when you’ve been injured in a car accident involving a semi-truck.

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